Ticlet Goes to Vibrant Goa
October 25, 2019 by creometric

About two weeks ago, we were contacted by Vibrant Goa to develop their app, and apps are what we do. 

The app we developed allows the various conference attendees to simply use their phones and smart devices to connect with potential business partners and arrange for meetings with them in a seamless and straightforward way. 

With both mobile and web interfaces, the primary functionality of the app is to give the delegates and exhibitors the means to find and set up meetings with each other. Apart from easily connecting to one another, the user-friendly app goes one step further by giving users a complete layout of stalls and an easy-to-follow event flow. 

What’s more? The app generates a unique QR code for each user, which simplifies access to information regarding each user. When attendees meet and spark an interest to work with one another, all they have to do is scan each other’s QR codes for instant access to information regarding each other’s businesses. The code also makes maintaining records of who met whom unbelievably easy! 

Building apps to fit your event management needs, you can get in touch with us for customised white-labeled solutions for your next event. 

Vibrant Goa 2019, the Global Expo and Summit, taking place from 17th to 19th October, is here and Ticlet is proud to be powering the much-awaited event through an app built to make sure the event is a massive success, as far as easy navigation for all the participants goes!

A three-day-long event hosting both a huge number of local exhibitors as well as national and international delegates, ensuring the summit’s success required simplifying the business networking process. That’s where we stepped in and created an app with features streamlined to meet the specific needs of the organisers.