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Join the electric atmosphere of Thalassa Beach, Goa, this New Year`s Eve where the mesmerizing sounds of the Adana Twins collide with the breathtaking beauty of Thalassa`s beachside sunset. Picture yourself amidst the stunning backdrop of the sun dipping below the horizon, painting the sky in vibrant hues, while the rhythmic crash of waves sets the stage for an extraordinary night of music and celebration.

Prepare to be transported by their distinct blend of hip-hop-rooted influences and club-inspired sounds. With a penchant for pushing musical boundaries, the Adana Twins promise a sonic voyage that merges the past and the future, igniting the dance floor and stirring emotions with every beat.

Experience the magic of their performances that have graced prestigious stages across the globe, from Berlin`s Watergate to Ibiza`s famed +1 party. As the Adana Twins infuse Thalassa Beach with their signature style, expect an evening of pure energy, unparalleled talent, and a seamless fusion of sounds that will leave an indelible mark on your New Year`s Eve celebrations.

Don`t miss the chance to welcome 2024 in the company of electronic music visionaries, as Thalassa Beach becomes the ultimate destination for an immersive, soul-stirring experience curated by the Adana Twins. Get ready to dance, connect, and embrace the new year in an atmosphere charged with the exhilarating spirit of their music.

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₹3499 Onwards

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