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Join Sea Water Sports for an emotional escape into the heart of adventure with “5 Water Sports Combo at Vasco.” This isn`t just an event; it`s a day of boundless thrill and joy along Vasco`s enchanting coastline.

With the safety of expert guidance and top-tier equipment, every moment is designed to evoke emotions of wonder, freedom, and exhilaration.

Whether it`s high-speed rides or serene floats, this adventure caters to all your desires, making it an emotional journey shared with friends and family, creating lasting memories against the backdrop of Vasco`s pristine shores.

Don`t miss the opportunity to embrace the extraordinary. Join us for “5 Water Sports Combo at Vasco” and let your heart ride the waves of excitement.


5 Thrilling Activities: Parasailing, Bumper Ride, Banana Ride, Jet Skiing and Speed Boat Ride are included in the combo.

Minimum Age Limit: Above 10 years of age can enjoy these adventure water sports.

Available Time Slots: Time Slots are available between 10 am to 3:30 pm.

Safety Equipment Provided: During the Activity, safety equipment is provided by us.

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1. Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded.

2. Above 12 yrs can enjoy all the above rides.

3. Once Booking is confirmed the coordination details and location will be shared a day before your activity.

4. We recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior at the venue for a seamless entry 

5. Pre-booking is a must to reserve seats due to loads of customer booking flow.

6. Pregnant or Planning baby individual should not do this activity.


  • Owing to the recent conditions surrounding the COVID – 19 pandemic, as a pre-condition to gaining access to the venue (events and theatres) you are required to be fully vaccinated and may be required to display your COVID – 19 certificate at the venue as per the various norms /regulations prevailing in the said State. The venue provider and governing authorities reserve the right to exclude any user from the venue if there are sufficient grounds to believe so for failure to abide by the protocols. You agree to exit without protest or refund. Users are required to check the restrictions as applicable in their State
  • Use of masks is mandatory at all times and the visitors are required to maintain social distancing norms. The venue and Bigtree reserve the right to change/modify the terms and conditions.
  • Bigtree does not assume any responsibility with regards to any injury or complications due to COVID – 19 accrued as a result of your participation.
  • The above guidelines are currently mandatory for Delhi/NCR, Maharashtra and Karnataka. These terms and conditions may vary depending on the state where the event is held and are subject to changes.

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