Nishant Tanwar

Nishant Tanwar, an Indian comedian and actor, was born on November 7, 1982. He has also gone by the stage names Joke Singh and, more recently, Rider OP. His professional career began when he worked at NDTV. In 2009, he discovered his affinity for stand-up at an open mic event, and he started performing. In addition to corporate events, Nishant is a founding member of the premier improv comedy troupe in Delhi, IPL (Improv Premier League), and has appeared in and designed comedy specials such as Comedy in Diversity, Two and a Laugh Men, and Third World Comedy.Nishant began his career as an editor at NDTV. He left the media to pursue stand-up comedy full-time, just as the genre was beginning to take off and He is among the well-known.

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