MC Square

Abhishek Bensla is the real name of MC Square. Indian rapper and songwriter Abhishek Bensla is better known by his stage name, MC Square. His participation in MTV Hustle’s second season won him plaudits. He uses Instagram to provide unique songs with his fans as entertainment. The date of MC Squares’ birth is September 20, 1999. The birthplace of MC Square is located in Faridabad, Haryana, India. As of 2022, MC Square is 23 years old. Rapper MC Square has a unique style; he writes his lyrics in the Haryanvi language. Two of Abhishek Bensla’s interests include singing and traveling. Rapper, vocalist, composer, guitarist, and rapper MC Square is an Indian hip-hop artist. Born in Palwal, Haryana, he is an Indian national. He became well-known for taking part in.

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