Chhabb, who was reared in Mumbai, was always opening crates to find sounds that had depth and could transport him to other, uncharted realms. Chhabb, an early DJ who embodies a 303-based industrial and textured dark-techno sound, has been a major force behind the underground music movement in India. Artists from The Bunker NY as well as other artists including Gonno, Helena Hauff, Inga Mauer, Mor Elian, Matrixxman, Nathan Johnson, Nazira, Olivia Radar, Zenker Brothers, Aurora Halal, Batu, Bruce, Cashu, Carl Finlow, DJ Nobu, and many more have been hosted and performed by Chhabb. In addition to contributing a podcast to The Bunker NY podcast series, Chhabb was featured on Red Bull Radio’s The Bunker NY broadcast in 2018.

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