5 Reasons Why Your Event Needs an Online Ticket Management System

October 20, 2023
malachia fernandes

malachia fernandes

Organising an event is a lot of work. The larger the event, the greater the lead time for execution, and event organizer’s are always looking for ways to make the job easier. One area that often gets overlooked in favour of the actual event, is managing the event attendees before they get to the event. 

What exactly does that mean? It means understanding your crowd before you even fill the venue. Back in the day, this would mean selling tickets offline and trying to gauge just how many people are expected by collating those figures. But it ends there. How do you reach out to them? Better yet, how do you capitalise on those numbers? 

That is where an online digital ticket system comes in. Here are 5 key advantages.

Event registration

Anyone can buy a ticket offline – literally anyone. We don’t know who these people are, and in today’s information age, that lack of knowledge is a major disadvantage. When attendees register online while buying an e-ticket, you can gather a wealth of information. This includes the age group, gender demographics, and popular price brackets. This data can then be analysed and used while planning your next event.

Immediate confirmation

There’s nothing more reassuring for an attendee than an email that says ‘you’re in!’ Digital ticketing systems can be set up to send registration confirmations and e-tickets all in a single mail assuring attendees that their spot has been reserved. And since you have their contact info, you can send out further updates through email blasts as the event gets closer. This brings us to targeted communication.

Targeted communication

Valuable information like gender demographics or age group means that once you filter through the data, you now have the opportunity to send out targeted information to your attendees. Want to let the ladies know that they have a special counter at the box office? Or that 21 year-olds and above need to collect a special band that allows them alcohol at your event? You now have the data to do it.

Know your audience

Duplicate tickets and transferred passes are a thing of the past. On the day of the event, e-tickets with a QR code can be scanned on entrance letting you know that the pass is legit. It also helps you track in real-time how many attendees are in versus how many are expected. Also, if last-minute layout changes need to be made, or extra provisions need to be arranged, you’re in a position to do so.

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